What kind of Quaalude-induced hive-mind made everyone in the 70’s believe that this was acceptable?

OK, I’m kind of used to the group-think glorification of adding mayo to all Jell-o ‘salads,’ adding olives to everything, and for some reason the OCD need to shape their meals like fish. EVERY DAY.


But this I cannot handle. It’s gone too far now. Remember this abomination?


It brought reinforcements.



OH MY HELL, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Was the first Tomato Chunk Mouth Jamboree just so spectacular that you had to add a twist to it and claim it as your own quick! before someone nabbed that cash crop from underneath you? Blllleeeccchhh! Pass the leftover crab juice from last night’s fish-molded Liver-n-Canned-Tripe With Olives dinner. I have a bad taste in my mouth.



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