Cooking with Dr. Seuss and a sense of adventure


A party invitation from The Riddler that screams “What does a lolligog look like? We don’t know! If you come dressed like what you think a lolligog looks like, perhaps we’ll find out!” will either kickstart the invitee into a frenzied costume-making whirlwind or have them locking all their doors and windows, crossing the inviter’s name off the Christmas card list, and informing the authorities that they should really up the security at the local nuthouse. I suppose it depends on what sort of person you are and how open you’d be to potentially attending a party full of furries or Batman superfans. On the plus side, if you get to this party and everyone turns out to be completely off their trolley, you can befriend the cat and spend the evening in the corner playing with their Tinker Toys.


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