You have a lot to learn, kid.


I guess this sorta counts as “retro” because I got it at the Dig-n-Save for a nickel. Yes, I know of my need for psychological help already, buying a seven-year-old’s diary so that I may taunt it is red flag #653. But come on…this is some funny shipwrecked dickens right here.



  1. bernquist · March 25, 2015

    bahaha ship wreck! I will be using that all the time now. “This ship wrecking ship wrecker won’t sort my ship wrecking list!” “I left that ship wrecker three messages, three ship wrecking messages!! Guy’s a total dickens head.”

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  2. Fx · March 28, 2015

    Damm dickens, that’s hilarious! Where are you now kid, and has your bad word vocabulary progressed?!

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