It’s going to be Sally Season if she doesn’t knock this shit off.

ew7“HONEY, I’m home! Golly, I’m famished. What’s for dinner?”

“Oh, just something I picked up off the floor of this crazy dive bar I discovered down the street that I encased with gelatin.”


“I sincerely hate you, Sally. I’m going to go find that dive bar, and God help you if I meet a six-breasted woman there because it’ll be over for you. Jabba said I could crash at his place whenever I want. In fact, give me that plate. I’m going there now because that’s the only place in the entire galaxy where this monstrosity will have a chance in hell of getting eaten. Oh, you know what, just screw it, I don’t feel like hanging out with a roomful of sideshow freaks. What’s the address of that bar? They better have good music.”



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