Wobbly Jell-o the exact shade of my sunburns. Appetizing.

ewwOh, you think that “Gazpacho Gelatin Salad” is going to get better in a mayonnaise-gobbed pie crust? Do you really? Are you going for originality points because you didn’t use the fish mold?


I guess not. Thumbs up for making that fish look like it’s pooping shrimp, though. That was a stroke of creative genius.


If I had to nominate an official food of the ’70’s it would be one of the fifty thousand salmon mousse molds


Yeah, sure, just mash up the bones and chuck ’em in there. Nobody will notice what with all the other disgusting shit you flung in that poor fish exoskeleton. And don’t bother greasing the mold. We know that when you say the mayonnaise is ‘optional’ the whole jar is getting killed.