This is pretty damn funny

McCalls Pattern Behavior is an awesome Tumblr blog you should be checking out.



mi“Sorry, kid, you ain’t got what it takes. You stick to the cereal box modeling. You ain’t got the right face for the movies. We’re looking for someone with Hot Mess Former Child Actor potential.”


Hell no.


Yeahhhh, not without both Coreys.

UCH, take your Bible and get the fuck out of here.

UCH, take your Bible and get the fuck out of here.



Bulky, ugly, AND unneccesary

pipI’d give this thing about one week in the refrigerator with the family trying to make room for the milk and knocking the eggs off their precarious perches and poking themselves on the beak before someone loses it and says,”Fuck Grandma’s stupid home made gifts” and hurls it through the window.

Kill it with fire


Snaz up that pocketed grey leisure jacket with a burnt orange and brown belt! Draw attention to your wee man-waist with the spare flightbag strap you purchased from your favorite antique store, Stuff Your Grampa Farted On!